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About me

I always created art, even when dealing with other areas.


I began my design education when I studied Interior Design in HIT, where I graduated in 1999 with a Bachelor of art degree in Interior Design.

Following that, working as an interior designer of private houses and apartments with my associate and best friend Galit Siag. We established Into Design studio.

I inherited the passion for jewelry from my family. My grandfather was a goldsmith that manufactured gold jewelry watches many years ago in Europe and afterwards in Israel, and the love for the creative process of jewelry making, from the first sketch to the finished piece, has always been there.
Fifteen years ago I've decided to follow my passion and study jewelry design.

Jewelry creation process excites me every time. Unlike interior design, the finished product can be obtained after a relatively short process. Each piece is imaginary, unique and unlike any other.
For me, the process is just as important as the final result. Already at work on a piece I begin to imagine and plan the next jewel.


Each time I'm fascinated by what can be created with just a few simple yet noble lines, all thanks to the beauty and strength of the material, the gold.


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